Our Services

Distribution channel

Vinova Pharma distribution channel covers Medical and Dental institutions and related organizations such as Government and University Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Laboratories, State Medical Stores, General Practitioners i.e. medical and dental clinics, Health Centres, Medical Research and Institutions, Chain and independent Pharmacies, Wholesalers and Retail dealers and Health shops.

Our sales and marketing services are structured to secure Nationwide and Regional coverage to service our business affiliates and sub-distributor networks located in all major cities in the region.

Vinova Pharma offers agency and regional sales and marketing development for a selective number of non-competing manufacturer or products.

As an exclusive regional distributor, we assist manufactures and brand owners with marketing, launches, sales and follow-up, product positioning and central warehousing and distribution.

We add value and reached for your Brands without compromising on quality across this diverse region of different cultures and economic background.


Our Business Attitude

We aim at displaying at all times the highest degree of integrity, professionalism and flexibility in all our business activities.

As a partner of brand owners, we aim to add value to their products by means of our in depth local and regional marketing and sales knowledge as well as through our extensive distribution and logistic network.

We fully identify ourselves with the brand entrusted to us and we understand each of our partnerships with brand owner as a long term commitment aiming at maximization of growth and profits for mutual benefits.

Our Product Lines



Offering Health food supplements to maintain and improve Health.

Our Product Lines

Medik8 Cosmeceutical: Skincare Biotechnology

Results without the Irritation…

Offering Green cosmeceuticals from facial cleansers to topical serums.

Our Product Lines

Schaer Pharma


Offering intimate Hygiene care and treatment products for the modern Women.

Our Product Lines



Offering Innovative Pain treatment device and Dust Mite Allergy prevention device.

Our Product Lines

Makromed Diagnostics


Quality Rapid diagnostics and Urinalysis.

Our Product Lines

Milestone Scientific


The Innovative WAND STA (C-CLAD) Computer controlled Local Anesthetic Delivery system.

Our Product Lines

Silderm Group


Silderm Scar Gel, Spray and Stretch cream for treatment and prevention of Scar and stretch mark.

Our Product Lines

INOVA Diagnostics


Rapid diagnostic – Quality Rapid Diagnostics from Fertility Tests, Drug Tests to tests for infectious diseases.

Our Product Lines

OVA Medical Disposables


Quality Medical disposables from non woven gauzes, bandages, probe cover to vagina speculum.

Our Product Lines



Innovative wound treatment devices derived from Ceramic for Diabetic Wound Care.